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Provided in real time, the dissemination of validated weather data continuously feeds a multitude of consultation and decision support tools. Request access to weather data now.

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Over 15 years enhancing your weather data

A global network covering all of Quebec and more

A global network made up of a multitude of mesonets makes it possible to cover a vast territory and meet the most rigorous operational needs.

Validated data at all times

The weather doesn't take time off and neither do the Mesonet Solutions algorithms. An ongoing process of validation that never sleeps.

A data flow validated and estimated continuously

In the event of hardware failures, an interpolation process based on objective analysis allows the generation of estimated values.

Billions of indicators to guide you towards the right decisions

Over 15 years of validated and archived weather data.

Validated weather data covering all of Quebec and Ontario on more than 700 stations.

Databases gathering in one place the past, present and future meteorology.

Because the reliability of results depends on the quality of data

With a proper validation process, meteorological data can be used to support important decision making. Validated data greatly minimizes the risk of error.

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Questions answers
How much does this service cost ?

The use of the data is free of charge, as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

What file types will I have access to?

The Data Extraction Tool generates CSV format files.