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Meteorological data that fuels both research needs and critical tools for agricultural, hydrological, climatological or other activity sectors. A leading NPO in weather data processing with proven and approved processes.

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Weather and climate data are useful in many areas. These are necessary to be able to make individual, business and even governmental decisions based on the weather. These decisions have significant economic benefits.


The various agricultural productions have a constant need for current and precise meteorological data to improve their production.

Architecture and engineering

With a view to sustainable development, it is possible to limit the ecological impact of buildings by using meteorological data.


Energy companies can also benefit from meteorological data in order to predict the production potential of renewable or hydroelectric energies.

Finance and insurance

The air transport sector also requires reliable meteorological data to ensure the proper functioning of services and the safety of users.


The research industry is hungry for high-quality data. Their simple and quick access allows studies with reliable conclusions.

Public security

Real-time quality data is very important to allow the implementation of alarm systems that can detect difficult weather conditions.


The air transport sector also requires reliable meteorological data to ensure the proper functioning of services and the safety of users.

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weather stations covering all of Canada.
years of validated and archived meteorological data.
million weather observations per year.
million official Environment Canada forecast data per year.
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Why do we have to make a request to have access to meteorological data?

In order to provide you with the best! All needs are not identical and it is for this reason that we ask you to complete this form in order to better understand the nature of your project.

Does Mesonet Solutions do weather forecasting?

SM offers weather forecasting services for specialists in several sectors of activity, such as the agricultural, hydrological, climatological world or even the research sector. We would soon like to make weather forecasts available to the general public.

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To report an emergency, please contact us using the Report an emergency Report an emergency

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