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Operational Steps

Continuous efficiency improvement,
increased user satisfaction

Collection of meteorological data

The data is captured by several networks of automated weather stations (mesonets) covering a large part of the Canadian territory.

Automated scans

Three times an hour an automated process applies up to 30 types of validation and makes it possible to detect the slightest potential anomaly.

Manual scans

The results of the automated analyzes are reviewed by the quality assurance team who apply a validity parameter for each observation.

Hardware failure detection

In addition to performing data validation, quality control specialists push their analysis even further to identify the source of anomalies.

Notification to technical teams

In the event that a hardware failure is detected, a notification is sent to the owners. This allows technicians to be dispatched at the very moment of detection and to minimize data loss.

Data archiving

All processed data is archived in redundant and secure cloud computing solutions.

Data dissemination

According to his needs, the user can query the data in real time on different digital platforms. These can be consulted in the form of tables, graphs or maps.
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