Data Access Program for Research Purposes
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It is important that you read the program description because it contains restrictions.

Program Description

Solutions Mesonet's Data Access Program is designed specifically for non-commercial use by the scientific community, research institutes and universities. Data is not intended to be used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties.

The program is designed to support research efforts and academic projects in the fields of meteorology, hydrology and climatology, providing easy and affordable access to high quality data. Solutions Mesonet is committed to supporting the scientific and academic community in their research and training, and the Data Access Program is a key initiative to achieve this goal.

By using the data from Mesonet Solutions, research institutes and universities can have access to higher quality data that can improve the quality of their research. The data can also be used for hydrological and climatic studies, for water resource management, for land use planning and for other applications that are often carried out by academic researchers.

In addition, Mesonet Solutions' Data Access Program can be a cost-effective solution for research institutes and universities, as it allows them to have access to superior data without having to invest in the purchase and maintaining their own data collection equipment.

It is important to note that any commercial use of Mesonet Solutions data requires prior authorization from Mesonet Solutions. Businesses and organizations looking to use the data for commercial purposes can contact Mesonet Solutions to discuss the possibility of collaborating or obtaining a license for use.


A fee of $80 is required to process the request.

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